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Integrated Cyber Security and IT Support for Fund Managers

Panchee Advisory’s IT Services provide fund managers with modular outsourcing solutions to remain compliant with evolving industry standards.

Systems & Infrastructure Audit

Panchee Advisory conducts a comprehensive mock audit of IT architecture and systems to locate and address areas of vulnerability.  Our experts perform detailed data security testing to identify areas of improvement and mitigate the risk of future breaches.

Systems Maintenance

On behalf of its clients, Panchee Advisory manages the routine updates to system enhancements and facilitates data security adherence in accordance with industry standard cadences.

Policies and Procedures

Panchee Advisory works with clients to establish cybersecurity policies and procedures that are in accordance with SEC guidelines.  These policies and procedures will be reviewed and updated yearly based on current guidelines and best practices.  In addition, we will ensure that sensitive data is encrypted (stored and in transit) and maintain SEC cyber logs and track incidents.

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