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Annette joined Panchee Advisory in 2020 with a focus on client operations and investor relations.  

Annette brings a broad background in data analysis and research to the team. Previously, she worked as a Principal Scientist at GSK in preclinical research leading multidisciplinary drug development programs. Her responsibilities included producing new ideas and validation strategies for drug targets through extensive literature and database searches and competitor analysis.


Prior to working at GSK, Annette was a postdoctoral researcher at Cambridge University in the UK, where she investigated the effect of test drug compounds on brain cell communication. She successfully conducted research projects applying statistical data analysis and modelling techniques resulting in more than 20 peer reviewed research papers. 


Throughout her career, Annette’s focus and passion has always been data analysis and research. She is skilled in a variety of programming languages and data analysis and visualization methods including statistical, machine learning, and neural network analysis. Over her career her work has analyzed a wide range of data types including clinical, pharmacological, electrophysiological, biosensor, and x-ray data.


When she is not working, Annette enjoys reading and playing the piano.  Annette holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Tübingen University, Germany.

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