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Nida has over 20 years of Private Equity experience, both on the investing and support side. During her tenure at Citi Venture Capital International  (CVCI), Nida focused on Consumer Products, Telecommunications and Internet industries, primarily in Latin America. In her current role, her unique background provides the perspective required to execute operational and communications programs for Private Equity funds in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Nida started her career in the Global Treasury Department at Citicorp, a US multinational bank.   She received Formal Credit training and joined the Management Training Program in 1995.  While working at Citigroup, she earned an MBA  in Information Systems and International Finance at Fordham University's Gabelli School of Business.  Shortly thereafter, Nida joined the Latin American Private Equity team, a group which was responsible for investing Citicorp's proprietary capital and for consolidating private equity activity for the bank throughout the region.

More recently, Nida's focus has been on supporting the needs of Private Equity funds with bespoke services including Investor Relations, Sales and Marketing. She has extensive experience implementing special projects to improve Fund managers' communications and operational processes.  In her previous role, she was Vice President and Head of Marketing at Zephyr Management, an Emerging Markets fund which has sponsored over $1.2 Billion in committed capital.  While at Zephyr, Nida served as a member of the Firm's Operating Committee with the CEO, CFO, Head Legal Counsel and Head of Investor Relations.

Nida's unique background, with the combination of Accounting, Finance, Investor Relations and Fund Operations, results in the delivery of superior service to Panchee Advisory's clients. 

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